Jolie Story


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The Jolie story began in California.

Originally from Ngahape, Te Awamutu, New Zealand, Kate moved to Montecito in Santa Barbara California in 1976 and lived there for many years. After a life of extensive travel and business experience, Kate moved home to New Zealand - she marvelled at our pristine country that was still intact. At the heart of Jolie was her desire to bring some of the wonderful natural organic items from New Zealand to the rest of the world. It was a natural progression to bring this business idea to fruition.

Kate, having worked on Interior Design and being a Virtuoso Travel Planner, gave her experience in working with high-end discerning clientele who is well aware of the virtues of a pristine environment and quality thereof. It took two years of research and collaboration with a company in London who manufactures similar organic products. They introduced her to the well-known Master Perfumer – John R – with whom she worked to carefully create the luxurious fragrances offered today. Then, from designing the organic content to designing the containers, labels and finally the Jolie website. Bit by bit, with finely honed taste, she transformed the dream into a reality.

Jolie – the name chosen to honour Kate’s late beloved Bichon Frisé – is the epitome of organic luxury and quality. Their products are stylish and sophisticated, and appeal to perceptive buyers. Visit the website at to see the range. Or visit your local gift shop or department store to experience the products– you will be delighted!

Here she is ... Kate's beloved Bichon Frisé

“Every once in a while a dog comes into your life, steals your heart, and changes everything!”

Why a Bichon? After many years with mostly large outdoor dogs – German Shepherds in particular – I really wanted to have an indoor dog and my husband finally agreed. I was delighted! A Bichon sheds no hair as they have wool and they are also free of the various allergies as they have very little doggie dander, that is found on many other dog breeds.

Although we were big dog lovers and had many over the years – all of whom we loved dearly, when we brought home this little adorable ‘runt of the litter’ puppy we truly fell in love! Little did we know how much this little white fluffy ball would do to change our lives? Such a warm, cuddly intelligent dog we had never known. She immediately became best friends with our very large German Shepherd Khyber; in fact she made friends with everyone including our small grandchildren and even the cat. They would be found sleeping together from time to time. She only barked when a stranger came in to the house. She amused herself with toys quite happily but was really happy when we played with her and we thoroughly enjoyed her antics....very funny and very sweet.

She passed away in 2016 at the grand doggie dame age of 15 – we miss her terribly but are so glad to have had her in our lives.

It is in her memory that we called our new business Jolie.

We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique merchandise on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.