How to Enrich Your Life While Staying at Home

Get fanciful …

So, we haven’t had a vacation this year!

Ways to get the vacation vibes going at home include giving your bed a mini makeover with new sheets or fluffy pillows, curling up with a soft robe and ordering some room service (aka Uber Eats). And the best part? There is no check-out time.

Spend quality time with those around you. While cooped up inside, look at who is around you. Now is the time to create quality and valuable relationships with your loved ones. Find ways to be together within enhanced surrounding.

Use these scent solutions to make any space of your home feel like a permanent vacation:

Scented candles not only add depth and character to a home, but the flickering flame can help set the mood. Hand-poured and burn times between 30 and 85, World of Jolie candles allow you to give each space in your home a different ambiance.

Reed Diffusers
If you’re not a fan of candles, or they’re a safety concern because of pets or small children running around, consider a reed diffuser. Perfect for a smaller space like an office or bathroom, reed diffusers are a great way to give off a continual supply of fragrance. The scented oil in the bottle travels up the reeds, diffusing the scent through the air evenly and consistently.

Check out our fragrances:

Maintaining a fresh and clean home leads to a clear mind. Take out the trash, clean up any random items lying around your house and tidy up your counters regularly. Be sure to target high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, microwave and fridge doors, faucet handles and television remotes to keep them free of germs. Add 30 minutes of cleaning a day, creating “little win” moments. A clean space is a happy space – and a healthier one!

Our well-being is especially important in times of change. Keep your mind happy and refreshed by practicing mindfulness. Take at least ten minutes a day to practice meditation.